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Enjoy my most recent release. "Roots of the World"

New Album

“From Costa Rica to Bolivia, from Mexico to Cuba, from Nicaragua to Brazil, this album a truly a world music journey through Latin America. Featuring Los Kjarkas, Divina Banda, The Orchestra of Americas, Trio Los Panchos (of Chucho Navarro), and many other Latin iconic artists, Esteban brings a new meaning to piano music an a new color to an untapped reservoir of sounds from Latin America.”

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Steinway Artist from Costa Rica


I am a pianist from Costa Rica, and a Steinway Artist. I hold a Bachelors Degree in Piano Performance (classical music) and a Masters Degree in Jazz performance. I have also served as a cultural attaché from Costa Rica to the US. My current job is of a consultant for Steinway & Sons, Austin Texas.


I have composed and arranged for large and small ensembles. I created a non profit (Music Peace Project) that has as its core a goal to assist in humanitarian causes through the gift of music. I am currently working as well on the project “El Piano meets Mariachi”; it’s objective is to blend the Mexican musical tradition with the classical sound of the piano in order to make this rich Latina American music tradition more accessible to everyone.


I grew up in San Jose Costa Rica. I have always been passionate about music and cultures. My story is about bridging cultures and through music. I am equally passionate about social justice and equality in the world.

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During 2013 Esteban was nominated “Steinway Artist”.

Some of the names in this list include Lang Lang, Diana Krall,

Arthur Rubinstein, Duke Ellington, Keith Jarrett, and others of this caliber.

What is a Steinway artist?

As of May 2017, around 1,800 pianists worldwide are official Steinway Artists, which means that they have chosen to perform on Steinway pianos exclusively, and each owns a Steinway

“Without them, a Steinway piano is silent. But together, the artist and piano create music — such beautiful music that most professional pianists choose to perform only on Steinway pianos. For decades Steinway & Sons has cultivated special relationships with pianists from every genre. From classical pianists like Lang Lang, to jazz stars like Diana Krall, to pop icons like Billy Joel, to "immortals" like Irving Berlin, Cole Porter, Sergei Rachmaninoff, and Arthur Rubinstein — more than 1,600 artists make the Steinway their own.”

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